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Lung & Throat herbal drops (ORGANIC) Made in USA IN STOCK

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Lung & Throat herbal lozenges (NEW ORGANIC) Made in USA - IN STOCK

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All natural, cooling, aromatic herbal lozenge, with a rich Honey flavor and a refreshing menthol effect, to support healthy lungs, throat and sinus passages*

Clears heat, moistens dryness and benefits the lungs & throat*





Sizes & Quantity                                                                                

20 herbal drops per single pack

New Case size: 24 single packs per case 

1 kg Bulk bag: approx. 250 lozenges.

1/2 kg bulk bag: approx. 125 lozenges.




Additional Information
Ingredients: Organic Evaporated cane juice, Organic Tapioca syrup, Organic Honey and a proprietary herbal blend of full-spectrum, concentrated herbal extracts: Organic Licorice root (Gan Cao), Organic Platycodon root (Jie Geng), Organic Burdock seed (Niu Bang Zi), Organic Loquat leaf (Pi Pa Ye), Organic Fritillaria root (Chuan Bei Mu & Zhe Bei Mu), Natural Monk fruit / Lohan (Lo Han Guo), Organic Scrophularia root (Xuan Shen), Isatis root, Natural Menthol, Natural Peppermint oil.
Suggested Use: 1 herbal lozenge at a time. May be repeated hourly as needed or as directed by your wellness provider.
Cautions / Contraindications: Diabetics, please note: contains natural cane sugar.
Do not give to children under 4 years old without proper supervision.