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About Us

Mission Statement

Golden Lotus Botanicals was founded on the commitment to preserving herbal traditions. Drawing from the rich traditions of herbal alchemy, the empirical experience of generations of masters along with the findings of modern science, allow us to support the preservation and applications of herbal traditions. We provide herbalists and holistic  practitioners with the highest quality selections of botanical compounds along with complete customization flexibility. This empowers practitioners to meet the client's specific and individualized needs, quickly and precisely every time – one of the hallmarks of oriental herbal approaches and holistic wellness.

Our various categories of herbs and combinations include: Western, Chinese, Ayurvedic and Amazon herbs in single form or combination blends. These include fresh plant tinctures, liquid and powder concentrates, glycerites, botanical oils, creams / ointments and topical liniments. We also offers select nutritional supplements and innovative products from world class leaders in the professional wellness industry. In ancient times, such a collection of rare and precious herbs would have been treasured in the Golden Cabinets of the emperor's palace and used by the imperial physicians.

Professional Formulation Consultation

We work with practitioners, clinics, students and teaching institutions in maintaining their herbal dispensaries. Many practitioners who do not maintain their own herbal dispensaries have found our vast collection and personalized service to be an invaluable resource. Many find our drop ship service very convenient. Our goal is to support your practice with impeccable service and comprehensive information. Our on-staff herbalist is available to answer questions and provide research / reference material support to qualified wellness providers. Don't hesitate to call - we are here to help.

Herbal Consultation Line: 503-626-6802
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Herb Quality Sourcing

Our premium-grade herbs are carefully selected and procured by highly reputable suppliers, whose skilled herbalists travel the world to source the best raw materials. They contract with local, bio-regional farm communities who have generations of experience in cultivating and harvesting their indigenous crops, using the most natural and traditional methods. This is done without the use of pesticides, sulfites or fumigation. Organic and ethically harvested herbs are always chosen whenever possible. These fresh, raw herbs are then carefully dried, identified and inspected, then shipped promptly to our domestic manufacturers in the US.

Supporting Eco-friendly agriculture and Fair-trade practices preserves the local environments, the farmers and their ancient traditions of herb cultivation and processing. The herbs are then further inspected and examined by experienced herbalists and lab technicians, who carefully prepare and process them according to the highest standards of protocol, supported by traditional and modern practices.


Our premium extracts are manufactured under strict quality controls, using proprietary, multi-phased, dual extraction systems. Both our liquid and powdered extracts are water-based, full-spectrum, extracts. Water and or alcohol is used as appropriate to maximize the amounts and types of compounds extracted, always in accordance with traditional principles. The end product is a potent, rich tea concentrate, alive with fragrant aromatics and volatile oils. The full-spectrum powder extracts use freeze dry and spray dry methods to remove all liquid elements and to obtain an incredibly concentrated fine powder, not bound to any carriers or excipients.

Concentration Ratio

Fluid Extracts
The liquid tea concentrates use between 8-10 lbs of premium grade herbs to produce 1 gallon of extract. This equates to an 8:1 fluid extract concentration (lbs: gal) or 1:1 by metric system (kg:ltr).

Powder Extracts
The carrier-free, powdered extracts range from 8:1 to 30:1 depending on the item.
The average concentration is 12:1. Standardization markers given whenever applicable.
Certificates of analysis available on request.

Serving Guidelines

Liquid Extracts
Large serving: 1 tsp. (60-90 drops) in warm water as a tea, 2-3 x Day.
Small Serving: 1/4 - 1/2 tsp. (15 – 45) drops under the tongue or in un-chilled beverage, 2-3 x Day.

Powder Extracts
Calculate according to concentration ratio. vs normal raw herb serving.
i.e 10 gr. of raw herb in a prescription would = 1 gr of powder extract at a 10:1 potency.


Customized labels, Measuring beakers, Bottles, Droppers and Caps (various sizes, glass or PET)