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Choose your own customized herbal apothecary from our collection of over 500 Chinese or Western botanical extracts.  With your Starter Kit, you will receive a 25% discount off the professional price. Contact Us

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Arctium lappa Root & Seed Blend / Burdock (FPT-01045) SALE $9.90 USD

Arnica Plus Cream (TOP-03020) SALE $13.41 USD

Black Cumin seed oil / Nigella Sativa (BO-07005) SALE $6.20 USD

Calendula Plus Cream (TOP-03025) SALE $13.41 USD

Ceanothus americanus / (Red root) New Jersey Tea (FPT-01115) SALE $8.80 USD

Celastrus Paniculata seed oil (BO-07002) SALE $17.82 USD

Celastrus Paniculata seed oil (190 mg Softgels / 100 ct.) (AYS-16545.1) SALE $32.30

Centella asiatica / Gotu Kola (FPT-01120) SALE $11.00 USD

Eucalyptus Plus Cream (TOP-03030) SALE $13.41 USD

Ginkgo biloba / Ginkgo (FPT-01300) SALE $9.90 USD

Golden LOTUS DROPS (Original Formula) SOLD OUT - ETA March / April (All Sizes) SALE $5.36

Hamamelis virginiana bark / Witch Hazel (FPT-01315) SALE $9.90 USD

Hamamelis virginiana leaf / Witch Hazel (FPT-01320) SALE $8.80 USD

Horse Chestnut Cream (TOP-03045) SALE $13.41 USD

Humulus lupulus / Hops (FPT-01335) SALE $9.90 USD

Hypericum perforatum / St. John's Wort (FPT-01350) SALE $9.90 USD

Juglans nigra / Black Walnut (FPT-01370) SALE $8.80 USD

Lung & Throat herbal drops (ORGANIC) Made in USA (IN STOCK) (All Sizes) SALE $5.53

Lung & Throat herbal drops (ORGANIC) Made in USA (Sold Out) (All sizes) SALE $5.53

Lung Care #3 Herbal Syrup (HCF-02015) SALE $8.42

Myrica cerifera / Southern Bayberry (FPT-01470) SALE $9.90 USD

Natural Relief Herbal Support - Topical Spray (TOP-03050) SALE $9.90 USD

Seven Herb Plus Cream (TOP-03040) SALE $13.41 USD

Stellaria media / Chickweed (FPT-01695) SALE $9.90 USD

Throat Saver Herbal Spray with Xylitol (HCF-02026) SALE $4.90 USD

Trillium erectum / Beth Root (FPT-01750) SALE $8.80 USD

Valeriana officinalis / Valerian (FPT-01790) SALE $8.80 USD

Verbascum thapsus / Mullein leaf & flower (FPT-01795) SALE $8.80 USD