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Topical Ointments (Herbal Creams)

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This category of products contains classical Naturopathic and Chinese herbal preparations in a Salve format based on herb infused oils and all natural beeswax.

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Arnica Plus Cream (TOP-03020) SALE $14.38 USD

Calendula Plus Cream (TOP-03025) SALE $14.38 USD

Eucalyptus Plus Cream (TOP-03030) SALE $14.38 USD

Horse Chestnut Cream (TOP-03045) SALE $14.38 USD

Mullein Drops Forte w/ Garlic (TOP-3073) $11.10 USD

Natural Relief Herbal Support - Topical Spray (TOP-03050) SALE $11.77 USD

Seven Herb Plus Cream (TOP-03040) SALE $14.38 USD

Tea Tree Plus Cream (TOP-3089) $15.98 USD

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