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Chinese House Combinations (Fluid extracts)

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Modern Adaptations of Classical Formulas

Combining the best of Chinese, Ayurvedic, Western & Amazonian herbs into unique and innovative combinations for optimum health and over all wellbeing.


Please note: All products listed in this category are for liquid extracts only.

Items in this category are concentrated herbal teas, most have been prepared via hot water extraction. Some items are prepared via hydro-ethanolic extractions. Most items in this category contain Ethyl Alcohol at 20% by volume for preservation and rapid absorption. Alcohol can be evaporated by placing extracts into hot water and steeping for about 5 mins.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Benefit Breath Formula (HCF-02055) $9.90 USD

Complexion Compound with Pearl (HCF-02085 ) $11.00 USD

Deep Calm Formula (HCF-02030) $11.00 USD

Echatin Plus Formula (HCF-02070) $8.80 USD

Echimune Forte Extra Strength (HCF-02075) $11.00 USD

Endurance / Longevity (Two Tigers Formula) (HCF-02035) $9.90 USD

Fortify / Invigorate - Antistasis Compound (HCF-01160) $9.90 USD

Gentle Cycle (HCF-02060) $9.90 USD

Ginseng Compound Forte (HCF-02045) $11.00 USD

Ginseng Supreme / Supreme Adaptogen Tonic (HCF-02047) $11.00

Gintonia Qi Tonic Forte (Enhanced & Concentrated) (HCF-02045) $9.90 USD

Harmonious Balance (HCF-02050) $9.90 USD

Hepato-Support Decoction (HCF-02086) $12.10 USD

Herbal DTX Compound (HCF-02090) $9.90 USD

Illuminated Mind Herbal Tea (HCF-02038 ) $11.00 USD

Jade Defense Qi (HCF-01165) $9.90 USD

LNG Essence Tonic (HCF-02015) $11.00 USD

Lung Care #3 Herbal Syrup (HCF-02015) SALE $8.42

Lung Care Formula #1 (HCF-02005) $9.90 USD

Lung Care Formula #2 (HCF-02010) $9.90 USD

Man's Treasures - No Yohimbe (HCF-02031) $12.10 USD

Mushroom Polysacharide Complex (HCF-02066) $12.10 USD

Resilient Defense Formula (HCF-02076) $9.90 USD

Sequential Balance Formula (HCF-02080) $9.90 USD

Smoker's Support Compound (HCF-02020) $9.90 USD

Structural Support Formula (HCF-02040) $9.90 USD

Throat Saver Herbal Spray with Xylitol (HCF-02026) SALE $4.90 USD

Throat Spray #2 (Concentrated Fluid Extract) w/ Dropper or Sprayer (HCF-02025) $9.90 USD