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Western Botanical House Combinations (Fluid Extracts)

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Please note:  All products listed in this category are for liquid extracts only.

Items in this category are prepared via hydro-ethanolic extraction and contain varying ratios of ethyl alcohol for preservation and rapid absorption. Alcohol can be evaporated by placing extracts into hot water and steeping for about 5 minutes.

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Crataegus Forte (HWF-02500) $10.70 USD

Echatin Plus Liquid extract (NF Original) (HCF-02070) $10.70 USD

Echinacea 50/50 Blend (angust. Roots /purp. tops) (HWF-02520) $10.70 USD

Echinacea Goldenseal 50/50 Compound (HWF-02510) $11.88 USD

Echinacea, Goldenseal & Oregon Grape Blend (HWF-02515) $13.08 USD

Echinacea-Astragalus Forte (HWF-02505) $10.70 USD

Fem-Cordial Balancing Tonic (HWF-02540) $10.70 USD

Gentiana Forte (Digestone) (HWF-02545) $10.70 USD

Gintonia Qi Tonic Original (HWF-003170) $10.70 USD

Lotus Heart Formula () $11.88 USD

Silybum Forte (Cholagone) (HWF-02575) $10.70 USD

Spectra Throat Spray I (Mint flavor) (HWF-02580) $10.70 USD

Valeriana Forte (HWF-02560) $10.70 USD

Verbascum Forte (HWF-02565) $10.70 USD

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