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Glycerin Based Fluid Extracts

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The herbs in this category contain USP vegetable glycerine and are alcohol free. We may have more items in the dispensary not listed online and many of our Chinese herbs can also be provided in an alcohol free, glycerine format. Please contact us for more specific inquiries. 

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Angelica sinensis / Dong Quai root (GLY-06000) $13.58 USD

Astragalus root / Astragalus Membranaceus (GLY-06005) $13.58 USD

Avena sativa / Oat Straw Milky seed (GLY-06010) $13.58 USD

Centella asiatica / Gotu Kola (GLY-06029) $13.58 USD

Commiphora / Myrrh (GLY-06032) $13.58 USD

Crataegus laevigata / Hawthorn berry (GLY-06035) $13.58 USD

Curcuma longa / Tumeric rhizome (GLY-06040) $13.58 USD

Dioscorea villosa / Wild Yam root (GLY-06049) $13.58 USD

Echinacea purpurea root / Purple Coneflower (GLY-06055) $13.58 USD

Eleutherococcus senticosus / Eleuthero root (GLY-06065) $13.58 USD

Ginkgo biloba / Ginkgo leaf (GLY-06080) $13.58 USD

Glycerin (Plain-Vegetable) (GLY-06085) $11.12 USD

Glycyrrhiza glabra / Licorice root (GLY-06090) $13.58 USD

Hydrastis canadensis / Goldenseal root (GLY-06095) $13.58 USD

Hypericum perforatum / St. John's Fort flower (GLY-06100) $13.58 USD

Inula helenium / Elecampane (GLY-06104) $13.58 USD

Juglans nigra / Black Walnut (green hulls) (GLY-06107) $13.58 USD

Lycium fruit / Gou Qi Zi / Wolf berry (GLY-06110) $13.58 USD

Mentha piperita / Peppermint leaf (GLY-06114) $13.58 USD

Olea europaea / Olive leaf (GLY-06122) $13.58 USD

Passiflora / Passion flower (GLY-06125) $13.58 USD

Sambucus nigra / European Elder berry (GLY-06150) $13.58 USD

Schizandra sinensis / Schizandra berry (GLY-06165) $13.58 USD

Serenoa repens / Saw Palmetto berry (GLY-06155) $13.58 USD

Silybum / Milk thistle (GLY-06168) $13.58 USD

Tabebuia heptophylla / Pau D'Arco (GLY-06170) $13.58 USD

Taraxacum / Dandelion root (GLY-06174) $13.58 USD

Valeriana officinalis / Valerian root (GLY-06185) $13.58 USD

Vitex / Chaste Tree fruit (GLY-06192) $13.58 USD

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