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Shakti Chai Instant Herbal Tonics (Powders)

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Our Herbal Chai line is an exotic alchemy of herbal extracts and flavorful spices that support vitality, wellness, balance and rejuvenation.

Maca root is an ancient superfood from the Andes which has a wide array of bio-available nutrients and adaptogenic properties.

* Maca Jahva Chai is the base formula for all the blends.



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Maca Jahva Chai - Caffeine Free (MJD-10001) $13.50

Maca Jahva Chai with Yerba Mate (MJM-10002) $13.50

Mocha Maca Jahva Chai (MMJ-10003) $14.50

Shakti Chai Decaf with Herbal Adaptogen NRG Blend (SCD-10004) $15.50

Shakti Chai Supercharge with Herbal Adaptogens & PowerBoost (Herbal Caffeine Blend) (SCP-10005) $15.50

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