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Celastrus Paniculata seed oil (190 mg Softgels / 100 ct.)

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This item is a 3rd party, Dietary Supplement Product, distributed by Golden Lotus Botanicals.


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This version of Celastrus paniculata seed oil is Double Strength at 190 mg / cap and also offers a greater value with 40% more caps per bottle in this new, 100 ct. per bottle size.  100 caps x 190 mg = 19,000 mg (19 gr.) per bottle of 100 caps.


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Suggested use: 1-3 softgels per day.
Each softgel contains 190 mg of oil. Contains the pure, cold-pressed oil from the seeds and nothing else. No buffers, extenders or chemical additives.
"The products of this plant used clinically are considered safe with low toxicity.
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Additional Information
Ingredients: Celastrus Paniculata, cold pressed seed oil.
Suggested Use: 1-3 soft gels per day.