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Women's Treasures

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Product Code: HCF-01330

Chinese House Combinations (Fluid Extracts)

Comprehensive, Nourishing Qi & Blood tonic.

Additional Information
Ingredients: Tian Men Dong / Chinese Asparagus Tuber
Lepidium meyenii / Maca root
Turnera diffusa var. aphrodisiaca / Damiana herb
Erythroxylum / Trichilia catigua / Catuaba bark
Vitex agnus-castus / Chaste Tree berry
Punica granatum / Pomegranate fruit
Shu Di Huang / Wine-Prepared Rehmannia root
Trigonella foenum graecum / Fenugreek seed
Shan Yao / Dioscorea / Wild Yam root
Gou Qi Zi / Lycium berry
Dong Chong Xia Cao / Cordyceps fungus
Dang Gui / Dong Quai root
Xi Yang Shen / American Ginseng root
Trifolium pratense / Red Clover
Yi Mu Cao / Leonurus / Motherwort herb
Yin Yang Huo / Epimedium leaf
Lu Jiao Jiao / Mature Antler Gelatin
Sheng Ma / Cimicifuga root
Withania somnifera / Ashwaganda root
Bai Ji Li / Tribulus Fruit
Hong Jing Tian / Rhodiola root
Gan Cao / Raw Licorice root
Ge Gen / Pueraria root
Bai Shao Yao / White Peony root
Wu Wei Zi / Schizandra fruit
He Shou Wu / Polygonum / Fo-Ti root
She Chuang Zi / Cnidium Seed
Royal Jelly extract
Wu Jia Seng / Eleuthero root
Chen Pi / Tangerine peel
Xiang Fu / Cyperus rhizome
Gan Jiang / Dried Ginger rhizome
Suggested Use: 2 droppers 2-3 times per day in un-chilled water or tea.
Cautions / Contraindications: Use as directed by your natural practitioner.


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