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Lung Care Formula #1

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Product Code: HCF-02005

Chinese House Combinations (Fluid Extracts)


A pleasant tasting combination of Chinese and Western botanicals for seasonal wellness.

This product is a concentrated fluid extract.




Additional Information
Ingredients: Filtered water, Organic Cane Alcohol (20%) and a proprietary blend of the following dry herbs decocted at a 2:1 ratio (gm herb to ml menstruum):
Platycodon root • Jie Geng
Ophiopogon root • Mai Men Dong
Arctium seed • Niu Bang Zi
Honey-fried Licorice root • Zhi Gan Cao
Belamcanda rhizome • She Gan
Trichosanthes seed • Gua Luo Ren
Angelica Dahurica root • Bai Zhi
Isatis root & leaf • BanLanGen & Da Qing Ye
Fennel seed • Xiao Hui Xiang
Fritillaria root • Zhi Bei Mu
Mentha herb • Bo He, Menthol • Bo He Nao
Suggested Use: Maintenance Serving: Dissolve 1-2 droppers (1/2 tsp.) in warm water or juice 2-3 times daily.

Augmented Serving: Dissolve 1 tsp. (5ml.) in warm water or juice 2-3 times daily or as directed by a qualified herbalist familiar with the use of Chinese herbs and formulas.
Children's Serving : Ages 6-12, take 1/2 of the adult serving in juice. Infants: Use 1/2 of the child's serving.
Cautions / Contraindications: This is a cooling, dispersing and heat clearing formula. It is not intended for consistent, long-term use.


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